Right Nutrition Stay healthy and active; low-fat and High-Fiber help control blood sugar and maintain weight
Enhancing the lives of people with diabetes…

  • With a Nutrition formula that regulates blood glucose and manages weight
  • By delivering a holistic nutritional approach that aids in a healthier and more active lifestyle

Inside Hinevita-D Diabetic Powder
Key ingredients that make Hinevita-D Diabetic Powder the ideal supplement for people with diabetes.


General Health

Our sugar-free Hinevita-D Diabetic Powder is formulated to provide you with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support your overall well-being. It can help boost your immune system and enhance your body’s natural functions.

Diabetic Friendly

If you’re managing diabetes or aiming to reduce your sugar intake Our Hinevita-D Diabetic Powder is the perfect choice. It contains no added sugars, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying nutritional shake without worrying about spikes in blood sugar levels


Hinevita-D is fortified with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid known for its numerous health benefits. DHA supports brain health and cognitive function and can contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.


Who needs to take Hinevita-D?

Hinevita-D is a scientifically formulated product for diabetics. It may be included in your diet, along with regular exercise.

Is Hinevita-D a medicine for blood sugar control?

Hinevita-D is not a medicine for blood sugar control. Hinevita-D is diabetes-specific nutrition designed to help reduce blood sugar response after a meal. Hinevita-D is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of people with diabetes.

How long can you keep a glass of Hinevita-D at room temperature or in the fridge?
H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder should be drunk right away or within an hour after preparation. However, if refrigerated, it must be consumed within 12 hours.
Does Hinevita-D interact with any medication?
H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder is not known to interact with any other medication for diabetes.
I don't feel full with one glass of Hinevita-D alone. Can I consume more than 20 gms of it?

You may increase the dosage of this product as per the daily requirement of 20g. However, the total caloric intake should be under control. You should consult your doctor or dietician before increasing the dose of Hinevita-D.

Has Hinevita-D interacted with any other foods?

Hinevita-D is not known to interact with any other meals.

What is the time frame for using Hinevita-D?

Hinevita-D can always be included in your diet. However, it is recommended that you visit your dietitian or doctor.

Can Hinevita-D products be used during pregnancy for women with gestational diabetes?

Nursing and pregnant women with diabetes should be aware of the vitamin and mineral content listed on the labels. They must discuss its use when combined with other supplements (maternal vitamins and minerals) and with the daily food intake. Nursing and pregnant women should consult a healthcare professional to see how Hinevita-D would best fit their lifestyle.

Is Hinevita-D a protein supplement? How is it different from other similar ones?

Hinevita-D is not a protein supplement. Hinevita-D is a balanced energy nutritional formula for people with diabetes. The nutrition from one serving of Hinevita-D equals slow-release carbohydrate (12.8g), healthy Fibers (1.2g), a blend of proteins (5.6g), heart-healthy fats (0.32 g), 12 vitamins and 10 minerals. On the other hand, protein supplements have a high content of proteins that are more appropriate for people who have a physically demanding lifestyle and might not be beneficial for people with diabetes. It is a proven fact that nephropathy is associated with diabetes, and high protein levels in CKD (chronic kidney disease) are not recommended, so the optimum amount of protein is always good for quality of life.

What Flavors are available for Hinevita-D?

Hinevita-D is available in delicious Kesar Badam.Elaichi Flavour in Both 400g and 200g Packs.

I don’t have diabetes. Can I consume Hinevita-D?

Hinevita-D is intended for those who need a low GI diet. Individuals without diabetes may consume Hinevita-D; however, their total caloric intake will also change. It is always advisable to consult a dietician before taking Hinevita-D to maintain the proper daily caloric requirements of your body.

Can I skip a meal and make up by consuming more Hinevita-D?

Skipping a meal means your intake of essential nutrients is hampered. However, that deficiency can be fulfilled by H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder. Skipping a meal is not a good idea for individuals with diabetes, as it may cause hypoglycaemia and other complications. Consulting your doctor/dietician is advisable in case you are unable to follow a diet due to unavoidable circumstances. H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder can be taken as part of a diabetes management plan. However, people who want a low GI and sugar-free product can also consume H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder according to the recommended serving size of 20 grams daily.

Is Hinevita-D 100% vegetarian?

Yes, H V CHELBONE Diabetic Powder is 100% vegetarian. This claim can be confirmed from the pack too, which contains a symbol that denotes pure vegetarian ingredients, which is a green dot.

What is the best time to take Hinevita-D?

One serving of Hinevita-D can be consumed by replacing a portion of your daily diet at a big meal such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It may also be consumed as an evening snack or before bedtime (as directed by your physician or dietician). Depending on your caloric goal of the day, you can measure and consume Hinevita-D as per what the label recommends.